Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Last Craft Show

This Saturday is our last craft the Downingtown East High School Spring Craft Fair. I have to admit, I am glad to end with this show. I only hope I bring home far less than what I travel with. Prices have already been marked down to rock bottom clearance levels. Soon the prices will also be reflected on our website.

My Etsy sales continue to be pretty frequent. I still have much to list, but I'm happy with the trend so far. If only my jewelry sold like that! Most of all, I'm extremely happy this stuff that's just been sitting here in my office are finding good homes with other artists.

I also put in my very last order with my supplier, Blue Buddha Boutique, which is now closed. I'm still so sad about it, but as I have thought before, the timing of this occurrence was the writing on the wall for my business.

There will be things I will miss about the craft shows...the friends I have made, the compliments on my work, the opportunity to participate in events which I normally might not have gone to. (Out of all of them, the friends and their camaraderie I will miss the most).

But, there is much I won't miss...the disappointing sales while trying to stay positive, trying to sell despite poor weather conditions, the getting up early to schlep to set up for each show, the traffic issues trying to break down, setting up my tent for outdoor shows (such a pain!!). The worst part of it for me was sacrificing the time with my husband and my daughter. There is a running joke among vendors which questions our sanity traveling from show to show for a living...for the love of our art. I have questioned myself many times.

I want to get back into loving my art again, and not stress about selling it. To have the time to finally do those kits sitting in a box. To actually make things to enjoy for MYSELF! I want to enjoy my free time, I want the time with my family back. I want the time to clean my house! LOL! And I will be OK with that. I know I am extremely fortunate to have that luxury.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Today I received a not-so-nice convo from a company who wasn't pleased that I was re-selling their products in my Etsy shop at a lower price than their wholesalers. They mistook me as another wholesaler, and threatened me that if I didn't change the prices to match what they wanted, that I would no longer be able to sell their product. Apparently I was "reported" on, I assume by one of their wholesalers.

I convo'd right back, saying I'm not a wholesaler, merely an artist who is liquidating her inventory and getting ready for her business to close. The response was a bit more tame, saying OK, I could re-sell at the lower price.

I promise I am not attempting to screw these companies out of money. I have already paid them the money, most of the time I paid retail prices for the stuff. I'm just trying to make some money back before I close, and sell my stuff cheap so that other artists can afford them and use them. Other things were gifted to me that were never used, and the bottlecap beads I did pay wholesale for.

Therefore I have had to put this disclaimer on all of my Etsy items, in the hopes I do not get "tattled on" by wholesalers to the original company or artist who produced these items. Again, these companies and artists have already been duly paid for these items.

Here is the disclaimer that I put on most items. The only time the language was changed was for my bottlecap beads, which I paid wholesale for and worked directly with the company to make them for me.

DISCLAIMER: I am an independent artist, not a wholesaler. I am liquidating my current inventory because I am in the process of closing my business. I am not professionally affiliated with the company or artist who produced this item, rather, this was purchased at retail in good faith. As an artist, I want to make sure this item goes to another artist who could really use it.

I hope this is a satisfactory explanation, so I don't have to deal with this unpleasantness again.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Preparing for First "Farewell" Show, and Mystery Discount!

Hard to believe, but my first show of the year is Sunday at Penn State Brandywine. Normally, I would stress or panic at this point...worried that something isn't done or replenishing like I usually do. I've decided I'm not going to stress...I still have plenty of stock I need to clear out. So, the only thing I really have to do is sell what I already have...and change all my signs and earring cards to reflect my lower prices.

I currently have three shows scheduled, and waiting on a fourth to confirm. Ideally it would be great to sell most of my stuff during these shows, so I don't have to schedule more shows...but given how long it has taken to sell my current inventory, I might have to plan some more this year to unload.

Had another Etsy sale last weekend. I didn't list much last weekend because we were occupied with a family matter. I made up for it during the week. I still can't believe how much time it's sucking out of my life to list these things. It has improved from years past, but I'm lucky if I can list three things when my daughter is at school. I'm trying to get as much done before she gets home from school so I can make her my priority.

This week has also been busy tech editing projects for the June-July issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry. 

Hope to see local folks at Penn State Brandywine on Sunday. Hours: 9am-4pm. I'm in Space 804. First time doing this show, so I'm not sure exactly where that will be. Guess we'll find out!

If you can't make the show and want to buy, just to see if anyone pays attention to my blog, use coupon code WEARE at checkout in our Square marketplace (accessible through You may be surprised to see just how much you'll save. Hoping this will work, because none of my other coupon codes seem to! :-P

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Let's Make a Deal!

Combo discount pricing now available in our overstock shop...
Don't be shy...just convo us!!
I'm learning more and more about tips and tricks to really sell well on Etsy. It's something I couldn't really do before when I sold my jewelry on there, but can do now that I'm selling my overstock items on there.

Last week, I had 3 sales. This week, I haven't had any. My prices are low, and that's good...but sometimes shipping the items are going to be more expensive than the actual items. That could be a deterrent, I know I would probably take pause because of it.

One of my sales last week was a result of a convo...the lady asked me if I could make her a deal if she bought a lot of my bottlecap beads...and she asked whether she would have to pay $3 shipping for each bead...which would be ridiculous, obviously! She ended up buying a bunch...I gave her 2 beads for free, and she only had to pay around $4 for USPS First Class Shipping. The deal benefited everyone. :)

So, I have edited all my descriptions, encouraging buyers to convo me if they're interested in combo pricing. It can be a combo of anything...a metal stamp with a stamping blank? Sure, why not? A lampwork disc bead with a spool of wire? Absolutely! A book with some loose beads you can use for one of the book's projects? I think that's awesome!

Don't be shy! Just ask. Either convo me on Etsy or e-mail me at

Let's Make a I said before, my ultimate goal is that these items get to artists who can really use them at a great price!!!

P.S. And if you do purchase something from me, you'll get a "thank you" coupon code for free shipping next time! :-D

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Listing...and Listing...and Listing More!

Listed today: NEW strand of
antiqued square spacer beads!
Since I announced the re-opening of my Etsy shop, I have been trying to list at least three items every day. And, this week, I found the hard work is starting to pay off! I have had two Etsy sales this a bigger sale of bottlecap beads going to an artist in Florida...the second was much smaller late last night for some red coral cube beads.

It doesn't matter to me if the sale is big or small at this point, but any sale at all is boosting my spirits. I have a long way to go...I will not post a current picture of my office which is once again torn apart with my overstock items. It takes time trying to take a good photo of some of these the time I have to spend writing up the listing...and some extra research I have to do to remind myself what exactly these things are! :-P And then there's the new "shop updates" feature on the Etsy app that I am also using. And then tweeting each item out every day to my Twitter followers.

My ultimate goal is to get these supplies to artists who can really use them. I don't want to toss them out. I don't want them sitting in my office anymore, either. I want to regain some of my losses, obviously. But if a jewelry artist is really looking for a certain supply and needs a good price for it, I am very happy to help them! Go to our Etsy overstock page at!

Five listings were put up today. I have a few more lined up for tomorrow. If I do a few each day, I still have plenty of Chick time and a bit of exposure every day. Slow and steady will win the race (hopefully!)

Also, we scored entry into our first show of the "farewell tour." We will be at the Penn State Brandywine Art & Craft Show on Sunday, March 6.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Etsy Overstock Shop Now Open! (Coupon Code Alert!)

Nothing says lovin' like these 30mm Cherry Quartz heart beads.
Set of 9 for just $10!
For the majority of this past week, I have been taking new photos and digging through my old supplies for stuff I just don't need anymore. I reopened the Etsy page and started re-listing some items I tried selling four years ago (luckily Etsy didn't wipe them out when I closed the page last summer!) I have everything from beading wire, brand new books, beads I haven't touched, stamping supplies I haven't used, brand new tools...all of which I just haven't needed since I started focusing on chain maille.

I am selling everything at VERY reasonable prices. I would rather these things go to a jewelry artist who could really use them, instead of taking up space in my office. This is going to be a really tedious and time-consuming process, but a process that I hope will pay off!

I have a ton of these Victory Beer Bottlecap Beads!
Grab them now for the wholesale price...$4 each!
I admit, I have felt somewhat nostalgic while going through these older things. So many plans I had for all of this stuff...if only I had the time. But sadly, it looks like the time has passed for me...maybe not so if you're a jewelry artist searching for some different pieces...,like the bottlecap beads I had made with the help of the girls at the Trinket Foundry. Let my loss be your gain! I would love to see what another artist could do with these pieces! :)

So. to celebrate the grand re-opening of our Etsy shop, for one week only, get FREE USPS 1ST CLASS SHIPPING on any item by using coupon code REOPEN. This coupon code is good for one week only...through 2/13/16. Thank you for your help getting these great things to new homes! :)

Looking for something that you think I may have that I haven't listed yet? Shoot me an e-mail at! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Blizzard of '16, and a New Vendor in the "Circle of Friends"

Half of our driveway shoveled on Sunday!
Not much chain mailling to be had since Friday night! We were slammed with nearly 30" of snow thanks to the Blizzard of '16. We are still shoveling out our driveway, and I just got back in from working on it again. Might I add, our driveway isn't very long, certainly shorter than some others in our neighborhood, and definitely shorter than my in-law's driveway! (Don't worry, at least they have a snowblower...and Mike and I are definitely going to be investing in one after this!!!)

I should be used to the snow after being from Buffalo, right? Wrong! The fact is, government here doesn't know how to properly prepare for a big storm, properly treat the roads, or properly plow the roads. We had a plow come through Saturday morning about 7:30am...and then not again until the wee hours of Sunday morning. If it were Buffalo, they would be running constantly. (Believe me, I appreciate the work these guys put in, and it was a huge storm, but the culture here is just different!) I am happy to say that we did have some help from our neighbors after the storm had passed, which helped out a lot...and that's what neighbors should come together to help rather than sit inside and complain. *Retreating off of my soapbox!*

Anyway, we're finally getting back to normal around here! Chick is back in school and there wasn't a delay today. In fact, I'm trying out keeping her an extra hour in lunch bunch...her teacher thought she was ready, and it will give me more time to catch up on some things around here. One of those things was meeting up with Chad from Chaddy's Rugs, who had my order ready with his little girl, Alexa.

I first saw photos of these rugs on the Downingtown East Spring Craft Show page on Facebook, and was immediately intrigued. I think it appeals to when I was a kid, they usually didn't have novelty items with the correct spelling of my name. Always Sarah with the h, not Sara. Same with my sister...always Kelly with a y, and not with an i for Kelli. And then we both go and have daughters with uncommon names/spellings. Michaela is not a common name anymore, nor is the traditional "Irish" spelling. (Gotta say, every time I see someone spell it McKayla I grind my's not like I named her after McDonald's, people!!!!) 

So, I messaged Chad through his Facebook page, and asked him if he could make a rug for Michaela. I figured it might be a cool Valentine's Day gift. He responded right away and got cracking on my order...he was done in only a few days and the results are fabulous. My purple girl gets a purple rug with her name on it! It'll be perfect for her bedroom.

Because of the snow. it took a couple days, but I met up with Chad at Target this morning. I was very pleased with the final result, and I was very happy with my experience.Therefore, I am happy to add Chad and Chaddy's Rugs to my circle of vendor friends. Make sure you check him out at the Downingtown East Spring Craft Show (and hopefully I can convince him to be a vendor at the Beth Israel Mom's Night Out, too!)

Update from my last blog: Chain Gallery agreed to take back those "matte black" jump rings, but minus 20% "restocking" fee. It took them 5 days to answer my e-mail. Not thrilled. Whatever, at least I can recover some of my money.

Don't forget the Valentine's Day sale is still on!, click on SHOP CHAIN MAILLE JEWELRY and take 25% off at checkout with the coupon code LOVE2016 Make sure your sweetie (or you!) get your order in time for the holiday and order by February 5! (That's next week already!!!)